Glass Pool Fencing

When it comes to choosing pool fencing in Newcastle, you have several options. The most popular materials used are steel and wood. However, a growing trend is to select a frameless glass fence. These fences offer numerous benefits, including:

Aesthetic appeal

The primary reason that so many pool owners are choosing frameless glass pool fencing in Newcastle is that it looks superb. The transparent glass blends seamlessly with your pool’s surroundings, giving you a clear view of the outdoors. It is also a popular choice among people who simply don’t like the look of a wooden or steel fence on their property, preferring a more natural aesthetic instead.

No edges or gaps

A glass pool fence has no significantly visible edges or gaps. Not only does this provide a more uniform, attractive look, but it also prevents accidents such as children becoming hurt by or trapped in these gaps. You can even order custom glass pool fencing that fits the shape and size of your pool for a wonderfully continuous look with no distracting openings.


Easy maintenance

Glass fencing can be considerably easier to clean and maintain than other materials. For example, wood eventually rots, while metal ultimately rusts; glass will succumb to neither fate. Glass is extremely easy to clean and never needs to be repainted or weatherproofed to keep it in great shape.

Frameless pool fencing in Newcastle by Valley Fencing

Because of the advantages listed above, many pool owners are choosing frameless glass fencing over other options and loving the results. When it comes to glass fencing, it’s essential to hire a professional to install your fence safely and correctly using their training and experience.



Glass pool fences are just as safe and secure as other materials. They form effective safety barriers that keep kids out when supervising adults are not present. Broken glass is not a concern, either, as the glass used to make pool fencing is thick, strong, and durable.

At Valley Fencing, we can handle any fencing job from pool fencing to large commercial needs. Based in Hunter Valley, we are a team of trained, skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality service and construction on each project we complete. All our fencing is designed and installed to meet stringent Australian safety and quality standards. If you need to create a safety barrier to restrict access to your pool, contact us for help. We can provide you with a range of pool fencing solutions from which to choose and ensure that the job is done right the first time.

Raked Glass Panel

Height restrictions apply to all pool safety regulations, standard height glass may require raking to a suitable height, there are a variety different raked panel options to choose from, upon your quotation our team will advise you of correct height glass required for your glass pool fencing.